Step through the secret door to Zeta Bar The Secret Garden

Zeta Bar PeopleDr Who had his Tardis, Alice used a rabbit hole, and even the kids from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe used the ultimate accessory to escape reality. Time travel and parallel universes are not restricted to books, TV or even film – you too can enjoy your very own fantasy wonderland in a spot that’s not so far far away. Best of all, it’s where smoking teapots roam and magic mushrooms are more likely to be the latest cocktail…

The ‘Secret Garden’ is a clandestine world that you’ll need our special know-how to find. Step through the magic gateway – the clever boy’s n girls at the Hilton have transformed Zeta into an edible oasis of Mad Hatter Tea Party meets Ascot Ladies Day.

Expect plush sofas busting with Astroturf, tables fashioned from stacked books, ivy curling up the railings, arches bubbling over with flowers and pretty garden chairs – a perfect perch to showcase your best outfit (get frocked up – there are prizes).

It’s afternoon tea gone whacky races so pair your delicious crab sandwiches, smoked salmon brioche, rose petal cream scones, icy poles, and naughty macaroons with a Moët & Chandon cocktail from a menu which will have you seeing Tweedle Dum, Citric Blooms before your very eyes.

The ‘Press Club’ rocks with its Jazzy vibes, just don’t be surprised if you see noble gnomes or mythical creatures. It could be a sign of one cocktail too many or perhaps it’s a special touch of magic that transforms the best day of the week – Friday!





Zeta Bar The Secret Garden
Hilton Sydney, Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney

Hours: Zeta Bar The Secret Garden unlocks its secret door on Thursday 14 February and runs every Friday night from 15 February until March 2013 from 6.00pm

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