Yoga Guide: From Snoop Dog to Plie


Yoga is far from a new phenomenon. We have been bending and stretching long before Miranda Kerr swore by it. But lately in Melbourne there seems to be a revival of the wonderful practice, with a seriously varied range of studios taking part in the action. Everywhere you look someone is wearing Lululemon leggings and carrying a yoga mat, but what style are they doing? That’s the new question. From Hip Hop to Bikram, we check out what’s happening on the mats in Melbourne.

Hip Hop Yoga

If you’ve never done down dog to snoop dog, get around Hip Hop Yoga. Yoga 213 in South Yarra is the little studio that could. Sammy Veal along with her team of warm and laid back teachers guide students through a fun and strong flow with hip hop beats in the background. After learning the style in L.A, Sammy is the first to bring it to Melbourne. She has now expanded into Bondi and we think she is on to something. Learn the practice while having a whole lot of fun.

Where to do it? Yoga 213, South Yarra,

Barre Yoga

Barre yoga, or Barre is an amalgamation of pilates, yoga and ballet. There are mats and a ballet barre and often hand weights and other props to help you along the way. This one is for those wanting to tone. Really tone. You’ll hurt in the morning, that’s for sure. They will take you through a range of exercises from yoga’s down dog to ballet’s plies and fifth position.

Where to do it? Barre Body, Fitzroy, Windsor and CBD,

Aerial Yoga 

Aerial yoga is defying gravity. Sort of. It takes place in the air, or in harnesses/hammock type apparatus. Positioning the body completely upside down becomes a lot easier than a head stand. The hammocks, built to hold about 100 pounds can have you hanging completely upside down without any of your limbs on the ground. Due to the nature of the class, it tends to be slower and more about spiritual and mental benefits of yoga rather than burning fat.

Where to do it? Body Flow, Windsor,

Hot Yoga

Now your mind might first go to Bikram Yoga, but wait friends. Hot Yoga is any style of yoga that is practiced in a warm room. Classes can vary from studio to studio but are around 27-37 degrees. Vinyasa flow is usually the practice of choice. Think the yoga you’ve always know, fast and sweaty.

Where to do it? One Hot Yoga, South Yarra,

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is also hot in temperature, but the postures and sequences practiced in the longer 90-minute session are a set program designed by the founder of hot yoga Bikram Choudhury. 26 postures are done twice within those 90 minutes. To legally call themselves Bikram, studios must be practicing this particular sequence. Word on the street is you can’t leave. Drink lots of water, and if all else fails, lie down until the spinning stops.

Where to do it?  Bikram Yoga Fitzroy,

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