Where to Get Your Kombucha Fix

KombuchaIf you haven’t heard of kombucha, you can be forgiven. It’s likely you don’t hang out with yogis and health nuts. So what is it? Kombucha is a fermented tea with an effervescent and tart flavour. But, now you’ve heard of it, you should listen up. We chat to Catia Toniolo owner of Ctpop, a locally made small batch kombucha, about the ins and outs of the elixir, and why we should be drinking it.

Catia Toniolo found herself surrounded by people who were experimenting with fermentation. Pat from Pat’s Veg is a family friend and they have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and her partner was also experimenting with fermented veggies and kefir. Toniolo decided to play around with kombucha using chai spices, as well as giving coffee a go. The coffee folks, is something quite special.

Why should we be eating fermented foods, and kombucha? Toniolo tells us that fermented foods are filled with those good bacteria we’ve always been told to eat. Is Yakult coming to mind? Well, this is the real deal. Kombucha is really high in probiotics, which are very important for your gut health. These good bacteria help the balance of bacteria in your digestive system, they can help slow or reverse some diseases, improve bowel health, aid digestion, and even improve immunity. Toniolo also tells us that gut health is strongly linked to your mental state and your mood. A sad gut can lead to a lot more than digestive issues.

For Toniolo, kombucha is an everyday drink. Whether it’s a glass, or a shot to boost those good bacteria. It’s part of your lifestyle.

Where to get your fix in Melbourne:

LBSS, Abbotsford

Little Big Sugar Salt were the first to stock Ctpop. You’ll also find a whole lot of dishes for the health conscious.

Pat’s Veg, Coburg

Pat’s Veg is the king of fermentation in Melbourne, and they’ve just opened a retail space in Coburg where Ctpop is stocked. They also stock Feeling Good tibicos, a fermented drink that is made using kefir grains rather than tea.

Combi Coffee, Elwood

Combi Coffee is a health food oasis. Juices, raw treats, sprouted breads, and kombucha on tap.

Nutrition Bar, Richmond

Nutrition Bar is for the clean eaters in the world. Acai bowls, smoothies, and house made kombucha.

Harvest Food Store & Café, Fairfield

This café and food store is a gorgeous haven for the health orientated in the north. Organic produce, a café with a homely menu, and all the pantry items you’ll need for a healthy kitchen.


Most good health food store will stock kombucha.

Images courtesy CTPOP

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