How to get a great night’s sleep when camping

There’s truly nothing like camping out under an Aussie night sky and it can be a very peaceful experience. There are a number of things that can be a barrier to getting a good night’s sleep though, from buzzing mozzies to uncomfortable bedding and too much light.

If you tossed and turned during your last camping trip, then you’re not alone. Many campers have trouble sleeping and whether it’s due to inexperience, discomfort or unpreparedness, there are ways of preventing and correcting it. So we had a chat with the super knowledgeable peeps at Anaconda, and compiled these tips about how to get a great night’s sleep while camping:

Campsite basics

It goes without saying that selecting a great campsite, choosing a quality tent and setting up your tent properly are key pillars to ensuring a great night’s sleep when camping. There are a plethora of additional options to add to your packing list that will help to ensure you get some much needed rest when enjoying the great outdoors though.

Tent Innovation

Your tent is the thing that will protect you from the outside elements, so you don’t want to scrimp on this investment. The tent you buy will depend on a number of things, such as how many people will be staying in it and what the weather situation will be like etc. There’s a tent to suit every budget and need, (also, don’t forget to check out the amazing price drops for the Anaconda Adventure Club members, it’s free to join!).

If you want to ensure you’re not awoken by the early morning sun a Darkroom tent is an excellent idea, as these reduce the filtered light by up to 95% and insulate the tent by up to 5°c, meaning warmer nights and cooler days. Darkroom tents are also a great idea for campers with young kids who find it difficult to go to sleep while it’s still light outside.

Ensure you purchase a top-quality sleeping bag

Unless you’re camping in the middle of summer, it’s super-important to buy yourself a decent sleeping bag. There are a few types you can buy, such as:

Rectangular – Rectangular bags are great if you like legroom. They can be unzipped along the entire length, which makes them great for warmer weather, as you can turn it into a doona. Not the best choice for freezing temperatures.

Mummy – These lightweight bags are shaped like a mummy (the Egyptian kind) and are very snug to promote warmth. When you roll over, you roll with the whole bag, rather than within the bag. Great for freezing temps.

Double bags – These bags are for couples wishing to sleep together. You can also create a double bag by zipping two rectangular bags of the same type together.

Kid-size sleeping bags – Smaller versions of adult bags, some include cute designs and are generally more affordable.

Whichever bag type you choose, you’ll want to purchase a sleeping bag with a weather rating that’s cooler than your location will be. That way, you won’t ever be too cold.

Don’t Sleep On The Ground

Elevate your camping experience (literally) and invest in a top quality airbed or camp stretcher and avoid the lumps and bumps that come with sleeping on the campsite floor.

Inflate an airbed to your ideal firmness so it’s like your in your own bed or purchase a camp stretcher that provides a sturdy and reliable place to rest your head. Camp stretchers also fold down effortlessly for easy transportation to and from home.

Buy extra sleeping accessories

A camp pillow will give you much-needed neck support while a portable fan will help keep you cool on those warmer nights.Mozzie screens will help keep those pesky insects off you while you sleep and an electric air pump will ensure your air mattress remains inflated to your liking throughout the whole camping trip. 

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