Toasties by Toasta on the Move


Sandwiches. They can be a vegemite and cheese, or they can be something a little more special. Toasta know a thing or two about the latter. They’re the new food truck to hit the streets of Melbourne and are taking the sandwich game up a notch, or two. 

The theory behind Toasta the new moving sandwich bar? Taking the best produce around, placing it between two slices of bread, and toasting it into melting goodness. A brilliant proposition.

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The Jane

The menu caters for all sorts of palates. The Jane is simplicity at its best with just cheddar cheese. The Quinn takes the cheese up a notch with cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, parmesan, béchamel sauce, and chives. If meat is more your thing go for the Charlie: a mix of Swiss cheese, shredded chicken, bacon, basil and walnut pesto, and roast capsicum, or the Barry, which is a delightful combo of cheddar, brisket, dill pickle, and smokey BBQ sauce. They’ve got gluten free bread for those of us who are gluten challenged.


If you have an unnatural fear of bread, they’ve got something for you too. A freekah, quinoa, rocket, pea, radish, roast pepitas, parsley, and lemon salad, and a spicy tomato bisque.  


Let the food truck hunting begin. 


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