To Juice Cleanse, or Not to Juice Cleanse

Pressed Juices - Greens and Earth RangeThe weather is soaring. It’s a New Year. Everyone is looking for that ‘thing’ to help jump-start their health kick. What appears to go well with all three of these things? A juice cleanse. Yep, we are talking three to five days of just vegetables and fruit. Juiced. But, truth be told, they’re not the easiest things to stomach.  

Why juice you may be thinking? Nutritionalists tell us that when you consume only juice, your body gets a break from the effort of digestion, therefore leaving room for detoxifying. If we go one step further, they suggest cold pressed juices as they are pressed rather than juiced, maintaining a higher level of nutrients, and the pressing process also stops over heating from the blades in the juicers.

When it comes to the actual juices, they are not orange and mango followed by tropical. These are serious juices. You’ll likely start the morning with a green juice of sorts. Think kale, apple, celery, parsley and ginger. During the day you’ll drink anything from carrot and beetroot to goji berry, ginger and coconut. You’ll most likely get to finish on an almond ‘mylk’ creation. Almost worth it on their own.

If you do it with a juice company, you’ll be delivered around six juices a day and consume one ever two hours. It’s a whole lot of liquid.

The bad? You’ll be freezing, hungry and grumpy for at least one of those three days, and usually with a headache – if caffeine is your drug of choice.

The good? After three days you’ll most likely have dropped a bit of weight, regained some serious energy and be feeling quite virtuous.  It’s also a nice clean slate for those starting a new health regime.

Tips for those willing to give it a try: do it for a reason, it’s not always pleasant and you’ll need something to keep you going. Everyone has different experiences and your current lifestyle will usually determine how you cope.  If you can, cut out caffeine and alcohol a few days before to give your body the best chance.

Happy juicing friends.

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