This takes the cake. The cult Women’s Weekly birthday cake cookbook turns 40!

Limited Edition 40th Birthday Cookbook

Nostalgia levels are high with the release of the limited edition 40th birthday Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake Cookbook. Flooded with memories of weeks before your birthday flicking though the well worn, batter stained pages to pick your fav cake for the year for your poor mum, dad, grandparent or sis to slave over for you…. what a time to be alive. This writer was lucky enough to have had the cute-as-a-button pig and piano where my sister scored the smarties adorned ‘one’ cake, the sweet little candy store and our brother the robot. If we were to pick one for this year’s birthday? I choo-choo-choose the train of course!

The iconic train cake

To celebrate 40 years of the iconic Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book, a special 40th-anniversary release of the much-loved cookbook has been created bringing back all of the traditional favourites to showcase and honour the original much-loved recipes. First published in 1980, The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book has sold more than half a million copies worldwide, a birthday tradition passed down generation to generation. Flipping through the pages we at DA were overwhelmed with memories of birthday parties with kids running amok on massive sugar highs covered in bright coloured icing and generally having the time of their lives.

This writers Sis with the smarties covered ‘One’ cake

Parents, siblings and friends can be assured that this cookbook has the perfect cake for any child / hooman with a sweet tooth (so really everyone tbh). With over 50 easy to follow birthday cake recipes across five themed sections; animals and creatures, playtime, numbers, for everyone and fantasy in addition to a plethora of decoration ideas, icings and frostings for little kids (and big kids) to choose from.
Whats sweeter than that?

The 40th-anniversary limited edition Children’s Cake Cookbook is available to purchase from newsagents, supermarkets and bookstores for $19.99

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