Get Cracking at The Morrison’s Crab Carnival


There’s something about crabs that makes people snigger; whether it’s the fishy jokes, the black comedy of contagious bugs or simply the marvel of an animal which can only move sideways. These strange creatures of the sea are not particularly attractive but boy, they sure do taste good.

So put your claws together to celebrate The Morrison’s second ‘Crab Carnival’ as celeb chef Sean Connolly rolls out a cracking line up of new dishes and sporty events.

If you ever want to test how much someone loves you, give them crabs…(by ordering a delicious chilli mud crab) hand them a bib and claw crackers and watch them make a mess! Those who don’t like to work that hard for their meal can opt for a crab taco. A perfect mouthful of snow crab, salmon caviar and fresh chilli on a baby cos leaf. Follow it up with a tasty snow crab roll with a delicate lemon, coriander and crème fraiche dressing. Soft shell crab lovers won’t be disappointed with a tasty slider or three.


A hearty blue swimmer crab corn chowder is a crowd pleaser and make a date in the diary for a different kind of day at the races. Turn up on April 16th at 7pm when hermit crabs will be speeding across the finishing line in a sweepstake crab race to remember.

Don’t forget not to be ‘shellfish’ it’s a menu to share and a month of events to enjoy. So don’t be a ‘hermit’ crab, get out of your shell and enjoy the fishy festival.

The Morrison Crab Festival
The Morrison Bar and Restaurant

225 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Daily until April 24th

Photo by Amy Mackay

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