New Kid on The (butcher’s) Block

Artisan. Meat. Balls.

Have you ever read those three words together before? Really?

Rapidly make an excursion to this new wine bar for meatballs. Not just any – we’re talking Artisan meatballs. Hand-crafted temptations of beef, chicken, pork vegetable or fish – lovingly mixed and hand-rolled and served with sauces to bring out the best in these meatbally morsels.

Imagine each ingredient selected for maximum flavour. Rare-breed Kurobuta pork from the hinterlands of Byron Bay. Pasture-fed Black Angus beef from the Gippsland lushness. Chicken that is truly free-range. Australian fish.

The delight is in the details. It’s to be expected when you have an owner such as Matteo Bruno. He’s a television & film producer, so high production values rule. He’s signed on some of Australia’s top chefs to share their recipes – the stars of the venue.

Forget stainless steel foreboding. This is as welcoming as can be thanks to an interior by Eades & Bergman – all exposed brickwork, the warmth of a copper bar and communal seating to turn fellow diners into instant friends. Think New York butcher shop with a prime cut of Melbourne style. Less sawdust on the floor.

Small goods are presented like jewels in a display case and the supporting cast are the drinks offerings – delicately delicious cocktails that whet your appetite for a long, sweet summer ahead and enough robust whiskeys and bourbons to warm the cool nights until.

The Meatball & Wine Bar
135 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000
T: 03 9654 7545

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