Terminus Hotel, Revived


The thought of an iconic pub getting demolished is not what any beer drinking Melbournian wants to hear. Clearly the gents over at the Sand Hill Road Group (Richmond Club Hotel, Holliava, Bridge Hotel, Prahran Hotel) agree as they’ve breathed new life into the Terminus Hotel on Victoria Street.

After being closed down in 2012, the Richmond hotel stood silent for years. When the choice was demolition or resurrection, Matt and Andy Mullins, Tom Birch, and Doug Maskiell from Sand Hill Road stepped in to do what they do best. Make a pub a hell of a lot better than it was before.

Known for keeping a pub’s history and honouring the local pub tradition, the Sand Hill Road Group have left the heritage protected exterior as it was, while the inside is a completely different venue with the help of Techne Architects.   

There is now a serious beer garden. We’re talking a beer garden with levels. Under the cover of glass it makes it one of those all year round watering holes, but will be a favourite in summer. If you’re looking for indoor fun, the first floor, referred to as Paris Tropical is designed with Paris in the 1920s in mind. 

The space can hold 516 beer drinkers, has five bars, 120 seats for lunch and dinner, an outdoor terrace for 80 people, and an upstairs lounge for 150 people. Elevator included.

Like all good Sand Hill Road venues you’ll be able to tuck into your pub favourites like chicken parmas, steaks, salads and seafood, but there will be a few other dishes on there for those of us who prefer something a little different.

Kudos Sand Hill Road, you seem to have done it yet again.

Terminus Hotel
605 Victoria Street, Abbotsford 3067
(03) 9427 0615

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