Xtend Barre

New Pilates meets ballet workout
Like the sound of a new workout which mashes the energy of contemporary dance, the pump of aerobics, the benefits of Pilates and discipline of ballet?

Let us introduce you to Xtend Barre, a high energy sculpting exercises session taken at the ballet barre.

All Xtend Barre instructors are Pilates qualified as is Emma Jory, founder of Emergy Pilates Lounge – the first to offer the Xtend Barre workout in Australia (early next year there’ll be more studios).

Slip on your organic non-slip cotton socks and she’ll start you with a quick warm up.  Then brace yourself for 55 minutes of core extending, stretching and burning every part of your body. From your arms, abdominals, glutes and thighs, then back to the glutes if you’re “lucky”.

It’s the type of workout that takes your Pilates to the next level, and works on turning your body into that of a lean and chiselled physique. Something we’re sure you’ll be able to extend to.

Xtend Barre
 at Emergy Pilates Lounge

Shop 3/50 Bayswater Road
Rushcutters Bay
T: 02 9356 2229
First five Xtend Barre Classes $100, first class is free
Xtend Barre class suitable for all levels

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