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Spring hats for ladies and gents guide
Christian Dior refers to it as a ‘weapon of coquetry‘, whereas with Frank Sinatra it’s to be angled for attitude.  There’s a fine line between being dressed and being dressed up, and it takes the form of a piece on your head.  With Spring Carnivaljust around the corner you might like to try these on for size:

Whimsical (think sailing ships), quirky (think flamingoes) and very girly, go to Li’l Jen for bespoke hats you won’t see anywhere else. Email Jen directly with enquiries, pop into Mrs Press or Dirty Pretty Things to see a selection from her range.  

Li’l Jen

Made famous, and eternally stylish, in classics like To Kill A Mockingbird and Casablanca, these beautiful panamas are imported from South and Central America.

Caramba – Latin American Gifts & Gallery
428 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042
T: (02) 9557 0718

Timeless designs with unexpected embellishments – Whether shopping for spectacular raceware or a casual beach hat, it’s all in the detail at HatMaker.  

Jonathon Howard (aka HatMaker)
318 New South Head Road, Double Bay
T: (02) 93262528

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