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Rachel Cassar sees the world – and most wardrobes – a little differently. Adept at creating one-off, eco-friendly garments, she can turn an old tablecloth and second-hand clothing into a sustainable line of couture fashion.

Her talents in deconstruction and belief that ‘the only way people are going to accept eco-fashion is if they’re not sacrificing anything for it’ have spawned striking collections using fabrics that are 90% recycled. As last year’s winner of Mittelmoda fashion award, she’s certainly one in the industry watched by the industry.

You can set your sights on her new creations tonight at the Stitch Made Hands exhibition premiere. This group display of art and design on the urban present also includes works from filmmaker/photographer Stuart Willis and five street-savvy artists from Oh Really magazine.

Take a new view on how to look good.


Stitch Made Hands
Premiere 6pm, Friday 23 May 2008

China Heights Gallery

6-28 Foster St Surry Hills

Exhibition 24-25 May, noon-4pm

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