The Summer Pool Party Guide


Cocktails, sunshine and pool parties are a match made in heaven. Thanks to daylight savings, even post-work there’s time to squeeze in a splash in the pool or amongst the beach waves. Nothing beats washing away a stressful work day than with a quick dip.

To fully embrace the wet season, kit yourself out with these cool finds, perfect for a summer’s pool party.

Fun Times

Pool lilos are all the rage right now, and they come in every flavour. Yes, flavour. There’s donuts, pretzels, pineapples and pizzas. You can find just about every food group. Plus there’s flamingos, flip flops and so many fun finds you’ll need a bigger pool to fit them all in. We’re particularly partial to a pretzel, but it’s really a matter of personal taste.

Our top picks:

On-Trend Towels

Still sun bathing on your regular rectangular beach towel? That’s so 2014. Beach towels these days come in just one shape – round. Don’t worry, they’re plenty big enough to fit your long lean body, but now they also have space for you to spread your wings. 

Our top picks:

Chill Out Must-Haves

You’ll need a cosy place to stay cool when the sun turns up the heat. Hide under the shade of an oversized beach umbrella, and settle in for the long haul on a lounge with added cushions for relaxed comfort. It’s all about creating an outside oasis that feels just as luxurious as inside your home. Bright, tropical prints are bang on-trend this season.

Our top picks:

Blast the Tunes

What’s a party with some music cranking loud and clear. These days portable speakers are super luxe and very stylish. And there’s no compromise on sound quality either. You can even fit most of them in your handbag.

Our top picks:

Dress the Part

It’s called a pool party, so getting in the pool is a non negotiable. Think of your bikini or one-piece as an outfit in its own right, not just something you throw on underneath to swim in. With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you might as well make a style statement. Try a bustier as a top and simply add a skirt, or pick a low hanging singlet or crochet design that shows off your bikini top underneath. 

Our top picks:

Main image: Seafolly Goddess Collection

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