The Pond pops up

Pure urban regeneration
Taking something ugly and making it beautiful. Pure Blonde has taken a leaf out of The Fairy Godmother’s book, and created a new beer garden in Darlinghurst.

Re-creating its Melbourne urban regeneration project in Sydney, a 178 year-old heritage-listed cottage has been renewed into a temporary pop up bar and restaurant known as “The Pond”.

There’s an untreated feel to the place as soon as you enter.  You’re walking on recycled office carpet (redesigned byOntera) and sitting on furniture hand-carved from reclaimed hardwood timbers (by carpentry studio Arteveneta). Served by staff wearing organic cotton wear and surrounded by rescued plants, herbs and ferns.

In the restaurant or under the giant Jacaranda tree you can enjoy rustic Italian fodder cooked by Nonna Anna. She’s got a heavy traditional streak in her so expect an uncomplicated sharing-style menu; antipastos and main meals based on local and seasonal produce. 

At the back, take the spiral staircase down to a bar and courtyard. Here’s where you’ll want to be when the weather’s sunny.

A bit like Cinderella, The Pond is only temporary. Pop in before the clock strikes twelve. 

The Pond
32 Burton Street, Darlinghurst 2010
T: (02) 9358 1487
Restaurant Wednesday – Sunday, midday – midnight 
Back courtyard (12 – 5pm weekdays and Saturday)
Spring until mid December 2009

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