The effect

If you’re a frequent traveller or globe-minded person, read on. 

Aptly introduced to us by another jet setter, is a social networking site bound to hit your frequency. And just in time. All that poking from Facebook was starting to hurt.
Dopplr lets you share plans with a group of friends and colleagues of your choosing, and vice versa. Or if you’re just keen to show off your avid wanderlust, this might just do.
Since opening its doors officially, anyone can use (prior to this the service was available by invitation only). It works on your personal computer or on your mobile, letting you link with online calendars and other social networks, and view photos imported from Flickr or Facebook.
For your upcoming trip to [insert your destination here], you can quickly scan suggestions from your ‘connections’, see where people spent most of their time on a recent trip, and sort out your itinerary before even reaching for the Lonely Planet. 
Dopplr thinks of itself as a travel organiser letting you know when people will be in the same cities as you and who’s living when and where. Handy, as you know how difficult it is to get even a group of friends together in Sydney – try keeping track of your crew scattered across six continents…it borderlines the ridiculous.
Dopplr can remind you that your colleague from London is in town next week, and that you should book for a long-overdue lunch. Don’t worry about missing your golf-buddy at this weekend’s game. You’ll both be in New York at the end of the month teeing up a round of another type.

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