The Bridge Room

What isn’t new these days when it comes to dining and drinking in Sydney? It seems that every week there’s a new bar or restaurant that’s sprouted up in the city or surrounds…some of them better than others.

What’s nice about The Bridge Room is that this ain’t no first time venture for either Ross Lusted and his wife, or their partners in crime, the Fink Group (of Quay and Otto fame). 

The room is smart: the chairs are by Turkey’s Autoban, (via Sydney’s Spence & Lyda),  the tables are oak and everything seems to say ‘trust me, I know what I’m doing’. Including the food, of course. While it doesn’t exactly fit into a cuisine ‘type’, the menu is balanced, thoughtful and takes cues from modern European and Asian flavours. 

The Bridge Room’s highlight though, has to be the robata, a Japanese-style charcoal grill that wafts toothsome, primal smells around the room. Pork sliders and hot dogs it is not – this is refreshingly modern global food that’ll weather any trend-oriented storm with penache.   

The Bridge Room

Ground Level, 44 Bridge Street, Sydney 2000
T: 02 9247 7000

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