King Street’s Dapper New Dweller

If you were alive in 1898 you might remember it as a time when shirts reigned supreme. Quality craftsmanship and luxury fabrics were of the utmost importance, and “business shorts” were most definitely not a “thing”.

Over a century later you’re likely to spot crimes against workwear being committed on a daily basis, but T.M. Lewin has held firm to their integrity.

Since before the turn of the 20th century this British retailer has been peddling luxury business wares to dapper chaps (and, more recently, stylish lasses) who value elegance over trends. But their Sydney store is the first one owned and operated by the brand outside of their native UK and Ireland.

Attempt to infiltrate the tasteful interior wearing trousers with trainers and something might spontaneously combust. Rich mahogany permeates the walls, which are in turn lined with shirts and suits designed in-house from fabric through to finish — and made using many of the same manufacturing techniques developed over 114 years ago. Knitwear, outerwear and 100% silk ties round out the luxe offerings.

Trends come and go, but style remains a constant. 

T.M. Lewin
129 King Street, Sydney, 2000

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