Soul Wax Guide

The gentle light of a candle is a soothing and uplifting addition to any occasion. Here are four of the brightest:

Be Genki RRP $54
Made from soy wax and using 100% pure essential oils, Be Genki’s new range of cruelty-free and ‘everything-friendly’ candles will help you take one step closer to holistic happiness. With a burn time of up to 50 hours, these Australian made candles come in Vitality, Tranquility, Serenity and Sensuality fragrance blends.
Gascoigne and King RRP $55
Handmade using quality natural ingredients, this new range of earth-friendly soy wax candles comes in sleek glass with evocative titles such as Miss Savannah, Mount Fuji Rice Flower and Angelys Pear.
Palm Beach Collection RRP $14.95
Do you miss your candles when you’re away on holidays? Palm Beach Collection has come up with a solution to this problem by creating minis that are perfect for stashing in your luggage. Choose from Clove and Sandalwood, Fig, Cassius and Mandarin, Coconut & Lime and French Vanilla. These gorgeous eco- friendly, all- natural candles are hand poured and made from essential-oil infused soy wax.
Design Establishment starts from RRP $14.95
Reformed arsonists, take note; Design Establishment has created a range of ‘flame free’ candles.  Made from real wax these creations look just like the real thing minus the danger of starting a fire. Added bonus? These are perfect to take outdoors because the flame is windproof.

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