Pulling all the right strings: the new favourite in Balmain

You can easily be forgiven for feeling that this hole in the wall espresso cafe is like a part of your own home. 

It’s small. There’s just 15sqm to it, but that was always the intention – a smaller size in exchange for better quality. A quality that you’ll notice in the boutique roasted beans and service from friendly staff that know coffee and are zealous about it.

It’s cosy. The small tables, selection of classic books and travel-bibles lined up on shelves, and a Pinocchio marionette (given by a friend to the cafe’s charismatic owner Ed Cutcliffe) make it so.
There’s home-style food. Try the popular bacon, egg and tomato relish roll or our favourite, an open toastie with field mushrooms, avocado and Persian fetta. A dilemma, yes, but you can always come back tomorrow for banana bread with passion fruit butter.
There’s sort of a ‘garden’. If you’re feeling like some fresh air, you can grab one of Ed’s picnic rugs and enjoy your ristretto in Gladstone Park just opposite the cafe with all the other regulars and coffee lovers. Since its opening this has become a garden party for a hundred or so each weekend.
There’s no place like home, and it’s idyllic living at The Little Marionette.
The Little Marionette
1a Booth Street, Balmain 2041
(02) 9810 9728
Open Mon-Fri 6.30am-4pm, Sat 7am-4pm and Sun 8am-4pm

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