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Imagine walking down a city street when, suddenly, a six-inch stiletto falls from the heavens, landing with a clatter at your feet. The forecast was for hot and steamy weather, no mention of shoe showers.

 Four storeys above, a pole dancer yelps because now she’s whirling through her routine, minus one stiletto. Take a peek in to the world of pole dancing.

 The mirrored studio looks like a dance class in session, except each student has a pole. The teacher – all professional performers, including Miss Pole Dance Australia 2007 – is guiding students through the routine with instructions like “trucker pose”, “head roll” and “now do the Vanessa!”.

 Most moves are named after what they look like or after a person who performs it well. So “Vanessa” is a leg-grasping descending spin around the pole, and also manager of the city studio.

 For some courage and inspiration, channel Kate Moss in the White Stripes video (she’s got a move named after her too) and by the end of your eight weeks beginners class you’ll be doing routines that will make her and director Sofia Coppola proud. Or just have some liberating fun with the girls; get strong, flexible, and downright sexy.

 Granted high heels make your legs look longer and more alluring. Pole dancers swear they also help you pivot easier around the pole and tone your legs. But here’s a hint – wear stilettos that have a strap.

Beginners – Advanced classes, Term 2 (8 weeks) starts Monday 3 March. Bookings essential.

 Bobbi’s Pole Studio

Level 4, 203 Castlereagh St, Sydney 2000, (02) 9264 0080

Unit 2, 34 Kareena Rd, Miranda 2228, (02) 9526 5849

 Pole shows featuring Miss Pole Dance Australia 2007, 9:20pm and 10:15pm, Saturday 1 March, ‘Carmens’ Niteclub, Miranda Hotel, 590 Kingsway, Miranda 2228 (02) 9524 0398

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