Oye Modern

Oye modern limited-run jewellery
It’s the silly season – and you need to look your best, all the time, without your posse, colleagues or other revellers knowing that you’re wearing that same black dress (again).

Add the right pieces of jewellery and you can instantly transform your look.

Our first ever Daily Addict video invites you to follow Jeni Oye from OyeModern.com as she shares her simple, spot on jewellery styling tips. You know, the ones that if tried can make your nice and safe catapult to effortlessly finished.

Oye Modern stocks one of kind pieces from emerging and independent designers. Their statement and quality pieces like zip-it necklaces, camera lens bracelets and rings made from crayon make it easy to declare your individuality factor. 

We’ve randomly selected four models from our design office and given them a jewellery makeover to show you the way. 

Time to add some sparkle (and we’re not talking about the Xmas tree).


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