Charity begins at home

The conversation goes like this; You say “I want to do some charity work but I don’t know where to start,” your friend says “Oh yeah. Me too.” 

End of conversation.

We all want to help but sometimes we need a push in the right direction. This September, that direction is towards Oxfam Exchange for Change. 

Simple to organise, fun to host and the perfect excuse to crack open the fizz and toast your good deeds. 

Step 1: Join the Exchange for Change Facebook group.
Step 2: Create your own fundraising page.
Step 2: Invite your A Team over.
Step 3: Request that they bring pre-loved jewellery, clothes, shoes, belts and handbags, a plate of food and a pocket full of gold coins. 
Step 4: Swap! You’ve always had your eye on that red clutch and your friend has been coveting your silk scarf for years
Step 5: Everyone ‘pays’ for the items they have swapped with a gold donation per item. 
Step 6: The host donates all the money to Oxfam and feels a warm, benevolent glow.

Top up the ‘kind’ in mankind.

Oxfam Exchange for Change
1 – 31 September 2009

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