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New Fairfax & Roberts cufflink bar opens
On your wrists – concealed and confident – sits the most subtle weapon of choice for any man familiar with meetings and ‘war’ rooms.  A striking pair of quality cufflinks that show not only a splash of colour but can reveal your good taste and for better or for worse virtues. 

Some 300 hand-crafted pairs are now housed in the new Fairfax & Roberts and Deakin and Francis Room. The custom-built cufflink bar is its only kind in the world and lets you choose whilst informed, in comfort (order a coffee or a cognac if it suits) and in private. 

Established in England since 1786 Deakin and Francis has fashioned tailored fasteners in silver and enamel, with bejewelled designs extending to hand-carved gold and platinum.

There’s one for every occasion or personality. Perhaps an enamel vitreous painted shark with moving jaws for the property industrialist or a chain-linked coral lobster and lemon wedge for foodie types? A cigar and match, or diver and bayonet for those harbouring an inner Jacques Cousteau?

Quirky, bold, conservative or custom-made. Turn your cuff into a stylish statement.

Fairfax & Roberts Deakin and Francis Room

Fairfax & Roberts
Mezzanine Level, 44 Martin Place, Sydney 2000
t: 02 9232 8511
RRP $680 through to $55,000

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