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Ever had a Greek beer? No, not a beer with a Greek name, but a true local? Nissos Pilsner is brewed and bottled in the Cyclades Microbrewery in the village of Vaya on the isle of Tinos, Greece. And now, it’s touched down here in Oz.

Want to know more about the new brew on the block? We spoke to Alexandros Kouris, founder, owner of Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos Island, and producer of Nissos to get the lowdown on the beer plus how to best enjoy it.

What do beer drinkers need to know about Nissos?

Nissos Pilsner is placed on the world map of top beers having won the Silver Award in the prominent international competition “European Beer Star” that took place in Bavaria, Germany, last year. Additionally, Nissos is not an industrial beer label, Nissos Beer is brewed and bottled in very small quantities in our own brewery in the Cycladic, Greek island of Tinos. It is made from a combination of specialty malts, aromatic hops and yeast, using a slow, traditional, all-natural brewing and fermentation process. 

What makes Nissos unique?

Nissos (Greek word for Island) is an ambassador of island life. It has a distinct, balanced, exceptionally full-bodied Pilsner taste. Nissos pours crystal clear with a rich golden colour, a spicy herbal-citrusy fragrant aroma, subtle malt flavours, rounding off with a pleasant hoppiness at the finish. 

Also in Australia, Nissos is one truly Greek craft beer unlike other industrial ones that just carry a Greek name.  

What’s the best food to pair with a Nissos beer?


Grilled fresh fish or seafood.

Favourite way to use Nissos in cooking?

Nissos is a good beer, best drunk while cooking!

Where can you get Nissos beer in Australia?

Exclusively on-premise, Nissos can be found at Cyren Bar Grill Seafood, Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, Nick’s Bar & Grill, Stacks Taverna, I’m Angus Steakhouse and Adria Bar Restaurant at $9 per bottle, $8.50 on tap and $24 a jug (only at Stacks). 

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