Meet Victor Churchill

He’s the dinner party guest that will win everyone over and he’s the go to man when you’re having a Masterchef moment. 

Victor Churchill Butchery is inspired by classic European butcher shops and is the first of its kind in Australia to have a full range of traiteur (ready to eat) dishes like Braised Wagyu cheeks on a rotating weekly menu; charcuterie (products made from ‘the pig’) and rotisserie, in addition to the finest red meats.  

With the help of Dreamtime Australia, Vic and Anthony Puharich, the father and son duo behind Vic’s Premium Quality Meat and suppliers to most of the country’s hatted restaurants, have remixed the concept of the butcher shop.  

You’ll be drawn in by whimsical touches such as the Copper “sausage” handles on doors and specialty cuts displayed in cooper and glass refrigerated cabinets.  Across the floor a team of butchers work in a glassed cool room, while the “Chook Cam” is fixed on the daily special sitting in a glass domed pedestal. 

It’s not your daddy’s butcher.

Victor Churchill Butchery
132 Queen Street, Woollahra 2025
T: (02) 9328 0402
Trading hours
Mon-Fri:  9am – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: 9am – 3pm

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