And Then Mary’s Tried Their Hand at Kebabs

Marys x Cliff Dive Group Image

The Cliff Dive is, and always has been, tiki-tastic. The boys from Mary’s are, and always will be, tattooed, bearded and friendly. And together? Well, you’re about to discover something great.

When you walk down the stairs into The Cliff Dive, the Mary’s gang is standing behind the big bar waiting for you. It’s almost like they went on holiday to Hawaii and got bored lying around the beach, so they popped into a bar and started making something to eat.


The Cliff Dive couldn’t be further removed from Mary’s moody, dive bar vibe – think rattan chairs, hessian rope, tiki masks, colourful fish lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a big dance floor. It’s somewhere between a Disneyland island adventure land and a night club. And it’s big.

There’s plenty of tables!! Yes, that’s right, lots of places to sit down and eat. (Although, given the crowds Mary’s draws on a Saturday night, and the fact The Cliff Dive doesn’t get cranking until 8pm, there’ll be plenty of people lining up into the wee hours.)


What isn’t big is the kitchen. More of a bolt hole to the side of the bar, it squeezes in a few chefs and the ingredients for four different types of kebabs. There’s Chicken & Pickles, a shawarma-style, juicy kebab that has plenty of garlic sauce, the Lamb & XO, with 12 hour roasted lamb neck, the Pumpkin & Corn, given a bit of bite with chilli oil, and Devil Pork, which as the name suggests, is hot, hot, hot.

That’s ok, because The Cliff Dive boys have your tiki cocktails ready to go. There’s a limited amount of Pina Coladas served in whole coconuts each night but if you’re not that committed to the tiki theme, Jungle Bird’s spiced rum, Campari, pine and lime combo is another favourite.


If you’re partying till late, stop by for a kebab that won’t make you feel bad in the morning, or set yourself up for the night with a kebab or two and a little tiki time – the kebabs are cash only but the bar takes cards. 

Mary’s Kebabs at The Cliff Dive
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8pm until late
16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

About the author

Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney, and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.


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