Marc by Marc Jacobs at INCU

New spring wardrobe sorted

The upstairs level of Incu’s Paddington store has been inflicting feelings of loss upon us Sydneysiders since Topshop left the building.

But all those feelings are about to disappear in a colourful flash of stripes and bucket hats. Incu nbw brings the brightest sign of summer to date in the form of Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011.

The infallible Marc Jacobs can do no wrong. He can invest Helena Bonham-Carter with the ability to sell you a full-length sequin dress, he can pose naked with a suggestively positioned perfume bottle, and he can make a fanny pack ‘high fashion’.

In fact, it’s this unconventionally tongue-in-cheek approach to fashion that is exactly what has made his Marc by Marc line so popular. You know the myth that diffusion collections are a whittling down of the mainline? Well, Marc’s taken that myth and he’s stamped his cult brand of retro cool all over it.

For something sweet, sophisticated or anything in between, head straight for the stairs next time you pop into Incu.

Now, what was that about Topshop?

256 Oxford Street, Paddington 2021
T: (02) 9698 1688

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