Love Is Art


Ever feel like that canvas over your sofa isn’t quite personal enough?

What you need is a real conversation-sparker. A talking point.  Something that makes heads roll and mouths open… Literally. And we’re not talking about your guests here. 

Introducing Love is Art, a kit by artist Jeremy Brown that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase do-it-yourself. Think Karma Sutra meets Yves Klein, an intimacy session inspired by the post-war period’s most anatomically aware.

Don’t worry, it’s abstract – at least, it will be if you’re sufficiently animated. Hey, love is complex, unique, visceral and unpredictable. So is a good work of art.

Comes with canvas, tarp, shower slides and specially formulated paint in your choice of color scheme – all you need is a sex drive and a willing partner.

And maybe an alternate backstory ready when the in-laws drop in for dinner?

All your other V-day gift ideas will seem totally anti-climactic. 

Love Is Art
$80 – $100

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