London Fields

The London cauliflower dishNormally winter is the season of make-unders. It’s fine — you’re not the only one putting moisturiser on the backburner now that it’s trouser season.

But The London is getting glammed instead, and the results are going to make you want to follow in its well-clad footsteps.

Upstairs to London Fields is where you’ll be shepherded, to an interior which has been stripped back and polished up more times than Joan Rivers. And to complement all that exposed brick is an equally fresh, rustic menu designed by culinary dream team Michael Canavan (The London) and Chef Hatted Ian Oakes.

Everything is designed for sharing, but you won’t find it easy to pass up the last Buffalo Mozzarella Fritter or the crispiest piece of crackling on their Slow Cooked Pork Belly. The seasonal cocktails, however, you can sip all to yourself. They’re designed by travelling flare bartender Robbie Stowe (formerly of Hugo’s and Barrio Chino), who has now found a permanent home behind the bar working with ingredients like feijoa and blood plum.

Downstairs has had a bit of an overhaul too. It’s not easy playing bridesmaid, but they’re often more fun — and The London proper boasts a much bigger bar area plus a couple of pinball machines thrown in for good measure.

Winter just got a whole lot hotter. 

London Fields
Upstairs The London, 85 Underwood Street, Paddington, NSW 2021
T: 02 9331 3200
Dinner Tuesday – Saturday, lunch Saturday – Sunday

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