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Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, dare we say it, Kylie Jenner. All these ladies are on point when it comes to their pout.

If you’ve ever wandered over to a makeup counter, grabbed the reddest red lipstick you can find, only to find you do not look like TayTay, you’re not alone. Are you blue red? Matte red? Creamy red? There’s a red for everyone and there’s no shame in needing a little help to find your perfect match.

The perfect lipstick you say? Yes, we’ve all been there. Like the holy grail, that special shade is just so damn elusive. That’s where The Lip Lab comes in.

Like the name suggests, this is a laboratory (of sorts) dedicated to the lip. You won’t find test tubes and beakers in this lab, instead expect bottles of pigment, flavouring and essences, being artfully dabbed and swirled. It’s a little like the paint section at Bunnings, crossed with a department store makeup floor.

It only takes around 45 minutes for The Lip Lab’s talented ladies to whip your lipstick into being. First off you’ll chat about what you’re after – got a discontinued lippy colour you’re desperate to wear again? Or Kylie Jenner’s latest hue sold out worldwide? What about a dress you want to match perfectly? Red, and nude, are the most popular shades, but there’s plenty of brides and bridesmaids coming in to get a perfect match, along with Kylie’s fans.

Once you’ve worked out what you’re after, you’ll choose your base (creamy or matte), and then start blending. It’s a fun process watching your perfect colour come to life. You’ll test the shade a couple of times, tweaking it until it’s just right, and once you’ve settled on your shade, you can add in flavours and essences. Want your lips to taste like Pink Champagne, vanilla or chocolate hazelnut? No problem! Need moisturiser, sunscreen, and a bit of plumping? Sure thing!

Once that’s done, your lipstick is popped into a centrifuge to spin out the bubbles and then poured into a mould – you even get to pick the shape of the lipstick. Five minutes later it pops out and is placed into a case. Cherry on top is you get to name your lipstick!

The Lip Lab also does custom lip gloss, lip liners and nail polish shades so you can really complete the look. Now how you keep those bright red lips in perfect shape is beyond us.

The Lip Lab– Flagship Store
308 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW

(Other locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth)

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