Let them eat cake

Sweet Art opens in the Strand Arcade
It’s a special kind of synaesthesia to think that art tastes like bakery goods. Michelangelo’s David; marble cake? Van Gogh’s Self Portrait; carrot cake? Everything by Salvador Dali; 100% fruit cake?

What if you could turn ordinary, everyday objects into your favourite cake? Sneakers, flowers, handbags; hell, why not transform your hat so that eating it every now and then won’t be such a chore?

Iconic Sydney sugar dealer Sweet Art is flinging open its gilded doors in the Strand Arcadeto tempt the passing parade into celebratory decadence. Right at home amongst Australia’s top designers, Sweet Art’s Anthea Leonard has been creating confections for A-listers, royalty and private clients for the past 29 years.

No longer content with run-of-the-mill delicacies, CBD-dwellers will be making like Marie Antoinette and letting their friends, lovers and the occasional lucky colleague eat exquisite cake whenever they decree.

Hungry for more beauty? Sweet Art also sells fresh flowers, designer stationery and innovative styling concepts.

Artful ways to sweeten the deal just doubled up.

Sweet Art Boutique
2nd Floor, The Strand Arcade
412-414 George St, Sydney
T: (02) 9361 6617

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