I pick pocket

Empty out your pockets and you’ll find a cocktail umbrella, a crepe menu and some loose change. It seems you’ve just gotten home from Pocket, served neat or on the rocks.

Stitched onto the corner of Crown and Burton Streets, this eclectic hole-in-the-wall is smack bang in the heartland of cool.   

But Pocket is more than just a bar.  It’s an all-day dining nook meets supper club where the hot topic of conversation is crepes.  And you won’t be starved for choice, with a well-balanced mixture of both sweet and savoury creations that envelope a vast array of toppings from traditional to obscure.  

Try the deliciously simple honey and lemon crepe that will fit into any part of your day, be it breakfast, lunch or post dinner snack.  Tempting as, this $7.50 special won’t burn holes anywhere fiscal.

Hungry eyes are treated to provocative pop art murals embellished with street stencils and kitsch remnants of childhood past. Say hello to Astro Boy and koala keyrings. 

Expect a call from Melbourne. It wants its bar back.

Pocket Bar
13 Burton Street, Darlinghurst 2010
T: (02) 9380 7002
Tuesday to Friday (8am to midnight) 
Saturday and Sunday (9am to midnight)

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