Hendrick’s Seduction of Sanity Experience

Hendrick's Seduction of Sanity

Sorry, delirious absinthe trippers. You’ve actually just had far too much to drink.

There’s only one libation that will truly challenge your mind (and tastebuds) — and that’s Hendrick’s Gin.

Don’t worry, you can keep control of your fine motor skills. In fact, you’ll find them rather essential as you make your way through this labyrinth of sensory experiences: think ‘touch and feel’ boxes, voyeuristic peep walls, and surrealist imagery.

Hendrick’s Seduction of Sanity is a new ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ visual arts installation to draw you into a most unusual world – one that will test and tease the limits of your imagination.

Brace yourself for a seductive journey through unusual spaces, each courtesy of Australian and European artists. These may shock, amuse and intrigue, but mostly they’re designed for people who delight in the peculiar, seek out the unusual and embrace it.

Visit www.seductionofsanity.com to reserve your viewing time at Hendrick’s Seduction of Sanity.

Just make sure to reclaim your mind on the way out.

Hendrick’s Seduction of Sanity

Sydney: 3rd – 4th April 2014

Boutwell Draper Gallery 82-84 George Street, Redfern, NSW 2016

Melbourne: 10th & 11th April 2014

Two Ton Max, 124 Langford Street, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051

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