From Lane to Lawn

Imagine an inner-city FernGully that you could escape to at lunch. The wizards at Pop Sydney (the cool kids department at City of Sydney council) are transforming dreggy Sussex Lane from a concrete stomping ground to a grassy parkland for two days next week.

Slip off your shoes and feel the Clover (Moore) under your feet, play a friendly game of bocce and photosynthesise in the pop-up green oasis. And if you’re boss is away, why not nab a tipple from one of the nearby small bars while you’re at it.

But this luscious green getaway isn’t just for hedonism; there’ll be plenty of info and talks about the City’s sustainability plans for locally produced energy, improving water efficiency, and reducing waste and carbon emissions.

And for all the Instagram fanatics, get on board the photowalk tour taking place during the laneways transformation allowing you an early sneak peak and the opportunity to capture its reincarnation on camera.

Don’t miss Sussex Lane’s Extreme Makeover from hoodland to woodland.

Pop Sydney: Sussex Lane
Monday 5 & Tuesday 6 March 2012
Sussex Lane, between Sussex Street & Kent Street (nearest cross street is Erskine Street) Sydney 2000
For more information about the Instagram photowalk, follow @cityofsydney and @oggsie;  all images will be tagged #popsydney



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