Flourish and Blume

You can stumble across many secrets in the city – pop-up cafés inside art galleries, unmarked bars hidden down narrow laneways.

One thing that’s not so easy to find is mid-century furniture abandoned by the roadside.

That’s just one of the things the girls behind Flourish and Blume love about living in rural Lismore, but if you’re not quite so keen to abandon city life you can still reap the benefits of both.

Coming to the rescue of rejected chattels one threadbare Wrightbilt at a time, Katie and Laura have made it their business to restore chairs to their former grandeur. Love chairs get their saggy bottoms transformed from the springs up, and if you thought Rod Stewart’s glory days were over then behold him post-facelift and ready to rock in a woolen kilt.

The duo strive to upholster and restore with local, handmade and sustainable fabrics wherever possible, and use Danish oil and beeswax polish to bring back that healthy glow.  

Some things are better second time around. 

Flourish and Blume (or visit their Facebook)

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