Fashion Festival essentials

Huge love to the divine teams at DVF, Christian Louboutin and Bijoux Box for helping us with our fashion festival outfits.  

Here are 5 of handy packing tips:

1.  Take phone / polaroid pics of you standing tall in your outfits. Spend time trying on each, take a snap and see if it all works together from different angles. You’ll know what works when you’re in a rush (and fashion week is all about the rush)

2.  Go miniature. Decant all of your favourite toiletries into clear, spill-proof vials – a neat space and weight saver (more room for travel treasures and goodie bag items you want to keep).

3.  Roll garments and use lots of tissue paper so your delicates don’t get snagged and creased. Invest in see through zip lock bags or other envelopes that help you compartmentalise, organise and protect your clothing. Hang items as soon as you get to your hotel room.

4.  Bring light. A Carrière Frères candle can freshen up your room and help make temporary accommodation feel more like your own. 

5.  Pack an emergency kit – scotch tape (to remove fuzz / loose crumbs etc), make-up wipes, safety pins, double-sided tape, neurofen, berrocca, hand sanitiser, band-aids, mints, needle & thread. When things go wrong you’ll have the tools to be as cool as a cucumber.

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