Extreme cabaret

If hotel bars are all about extreme luxury, Friday nights are all about extremes. Full-stop. Too many weekday working hours in the rear vision mirror and a weekend where anything is possible looming large ahead.

Conjuring up imagery of the nineteenth century underworld is fairly ripe with extreme potential and at Sydney’s most decadent venue, Zeta Bar, that potential is rippling with sexy mystique with the launch of the bar’s ‘Extreme Cabaret’ night.

Roll up, roll up and prepare to explore the dark side of a theatrical era gone by. Moulin Rouge? This is bound to be naughtier. Grant Collins is the cocktail ringmaster and the liquid nitrogen-laced champagne imbibes are as much about intriguing visuals as they are about delicious flavours.

The extravagance of live performers charming snakes, twirling fire and bending both mind and body is all part of the fantasy of taking Friday nights to the absolute extreme, with the burlesque beauties adding their own seductive fuel to this wildfire.

Friday nights Zeta Bar 2011
Sydney Hilton
, Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney 2000
T: (02) 9265 6070

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