Edible Immigration Tales Dinner

Food and design pop-up event
When it comes to the appetite, very few things can get in the way of you and your meal. It’s been a similar story for others through the ages, but a few things have changed in the culinary history of immigration to Australia.

Told for just three nights, the Edible Immigration Tales event has been conceived by food and design duo Rachel Khoo and Frankie Unsworth, and designed around telling the story of food and historical influences such as our days as a penal colony, the gold rush, and currently as sun mecca.

Dining with a small group of food-minded folk, you’ll be served a set six-course menu that the two Brits have been developing over the past few months. Expect a slow approach to the dining (think about the why’s and how’s of each dish), as they weave in the influence of the various waves of immigrants that have shaped our country’s culinary landscape.

“It won’t be your conventional dinner party, we want to get people thinking about what they are consuming through both the setting and the food,” says Frankie.

Rachel is a bit more tight-lipped, although we can reveal that some of her favourite antipodean encounters include China Town, finger limes, hapuku fish and Balmain bugs. “All I can say that anyone who’s coming will definitely be in for a treat, no baked beans on toast for sure”.

Edible Immigration Tales
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 – 14 March 2010
In a secret Eastern Suburbs Sydney location
6 courses paired with wine, $75
Seats are very limited in order to book please email: edibletales(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve

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