Guide to DIY, Modern and Timeless Stationery

Remember starting each school year with a fresh supply of stationery? Begging Mum to let you have a new packet of colouring pencils just because the blue one had snapped in half, and swearing to yourself that this would be the journal you’d fill with only your most precise handwriting?

Even the classic Moleskin diary now comes rendered in 326-pixel density, but nothing beats the real thing. Start exercising your thumb and your index finger and get excited about these stylish stationery options.


There’s no shortage of greeting cards in the App Store, but special occasions call for special paper. Cristina Re and Monograms Fine Papers have a beautiful range of decorative patterned card, ribbon, buckles and seals from which you can fashion your own invitations (the latter even stocks Vera Wang), while Alannah Rose lets you set the style of the entire affair with organised themes ranging from Latte Lace to Bicycle Built for Two. 15th Century letterpress techniques still reign supreme at Sydney’s The Collector’s Room and Melbourne’s Simple Things, who eschew fancy prints in favour of communications you can feel.

Modern whimsicality:

Indulge your passion for all things print at Lox & Savvy, who invest paper stationery with a kooky 21st Century flair. Purveyors of fine French style Mulberry Muse mix modern whimsicality with antique ephemera in the vein of Marie Antoinette and Jane Austen, and old-meets-new culminates in nostalgic Bambi and beat box journals from Write to Me. Or maybe you’re just looking for a unique way to pop the question “Will you be my Amazing Race partner?” In that case invest some hand-drawn (and slightly irreverent) sentiment into the messages with offbeat stationery duo Able and Game

Tasteful & timeless:

Designer stationery gets a whole new meaning when it’s from Papier D’Amour, or opt for Corban & Blair‘s Carnival range combining the sort of cow hide you’d associate with quality shoes and the bright striped canvas more frequently seen on fancy seat cushions. Or for a bigger selection than you’d find in the App Store, head to NoteMaker to browse popular brands like Mi Goals and Moleskine — the non-pixelated kind. 

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