Dine at Mine

dine at mine HEROHey there, competitive cooking game show enthusiast – reckon Your Kitchen Rules?

Well here’s your chance to prove it without any public trolling, televised takedowns or overzealous demands for more sauce by heavily-accented Frenchmen.

Assuming your friends are family and aren’t unusually critical (is that possible?), that is.

Leaping onto the home dinner party trend wagon, Dine at Mine is a Manu Feildel and Lindley Milan-hosted fundraiser bidding all moonlighting MasterChefs to lay their skills on the banquet, breakfast or backyard BBQ table.

Wanna play? Simply invite your nearest and dearest over for a home-cooked meal. Whether you put your prowess to the test under the harsh light of noon or the flattering glow of a wine-infused evening. Bonus points for running with a theme.

Part two: Ask your guests to hand over what they would have spent eating out. Not to the communal booze fund, but to Camp Quality – a charity for kids with cancer around Australia. Now there’s a good reason to give up stodgy takeout.

Remember: Do as much in advance as you can, and always serve dessert. Oh, and don’t forget the sauce.  

Dine at Mine
Throughout August 2013
To register as a host, visit dineatmine.org.au or call 1300 730 787 

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