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Do you view life as a series of scrapbooking chapters? Or perhaps you approach pins and pencils like loaded guns, preferring to exercise your artistry from the safety of a pretty digital filter? Well there’s no time like spring for defrosting your fingers and warming up your fine motor skills, and however close to the surface your inner artiste lies, there’s a workshop for you. 

Take a look through our selection of fun ways in the form of creative workshops to get your creative juices flowing, from paper cut-outs and pickled foodstuffs to a two-day test of your foraging finesse.  

kinfolkKinfolk Workshop Retreat: Australia

Get out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. Kinfolk’s two-day retreat will test your foraging and homemaking finesse with workshops revolving around Christmas wreaths, basket weaving, pickling, preserving and baking, all taking place just outside of Sydney.

If hunter-gathering isn’t your forte, an Eveleigh Farmer’s Market Tour will keep you fueled with savory pancakes from Kylie Kwong.

Kinfolk Workshop Retreat: Australia, 16 & 17 November 2013, Koskela’s Dickebusch House, Patonga, $850 includes two-day workshop, four masterclasses, Eveleigh Farmer’s Market tour and breakfast + morning and afternoon tea, lunch and early dinner at Dickebusch House


Paper Cut Garlands with Miso

Those paper people holding hands were cute, but they’ve got nothing on the delicately fanciful paper creations of Miso.

The Melbourne and Tokyo-based artist’s cut-out class at The School comes with a whiskey degustation and uses special cutting techniques, intertwining flowers and perfect archival paper to get you a garland that’ll never end up in the recycling bin.

Paper Cut Garlands, 8th November 2013, 6 – 9pm, The School, $160 includes whiskey degustation


Can’t draw, Won’t draw… Scribble and Pour

Logic is a fickle friend. We’re not saying you should sever ties completely, but if you’re looking to traipse around in the whimsical art world with your inner Florence Broadhurst, it makes for a third wheel with a flat tyre.

Artist Gav Barbey’s scribbling and pouring class at Signature Prints takes you back to before logic gets in the way of imagination, teaching you to work like a child in the best way possible. 

Can’t draw, Won’t draw… Scribble and Pour, Signature Prints, $295 3 hrs includes materials and refreshments. For more information phone (02) 8338 8400 or email Tori at

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