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Set fire to your Ikea prints! Burn your old band posters! You live in the same city as world class contemporary artists so loosen your purse strings and invest in the zeitgeist. 

Fiona McIntosh, Director of Fiona McIntosh Art has spent the last 20 years overseeing exhibitions for the Art Gallery of NSW, the Sydney Biennale and Regional Galleries, as well as consulting to collectors. 

Subsequently, she has developed a finely honed sense of not only what is collectible, but what is fundamentally good art. She says, “A timeless artwork brings together concept, technique, medium and colour composition. Beyond this, it needs to have honestly and integrity.”

If you’re not sure you have the eye for spotting the Picasso of the future, you can hire Fiona to advise you on which artists to pursue. And to make life even easier, she sells some of her favourite contemporary Australian artists’ works through her website. Here you’ll find such wonders as Emily Bullock’s Feathered Dogs, paintings by Robert Bates and Toni Clarke and ceramics by Joseph Sabadash. 

If you still have any doubts about the value of contemporary art, visit the AGNSW’s Kaldor Public Art Project to see artworks that were purchased for very little; now worth millions.

Fiona McIntosh Art
T: (02) 9967 2091 / 0400 816 966

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