Apothecary has Just What the Doctor Ordered

Down the Garden Path

Down the Garden Path

A trip to the Apothecary can begin much like that oh so memorable scene in The Matrix. Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Well at the Apothecary they’ve made the decision for you and watch out, because what comes next will surprise all your senses.

Eau-de-vie’s brand new pocket-sized bar, as the name suggests, takes a scientific approach to cocktail creation.

Dr Phil, the resident crazy scientist if you will, has a plethora of paraphernalia scattered around the bar. Beakers, conical flasks, petri dishes, syringes and test tubes are his tool kit and avant garde mixology is the name of his game.

Expect liquid nitrogen, smoking guns and blow torches to light up the bar – but Dr Phil will tell you as soon as you walk in that here the “M word” is a dirty word. Molecular that is.

Instead, you’ll be led on a sensory experience tailored to your mood, your taste buds and your date. There are four liquid degustations to choose from and each contains a flight of three cocktails.

If you’re with your special someone, pick His & Hers, and settle into one of the cute wall nooks designed for two. You’ll start with an elaborate champagne tree you’ll spike yourself to break the ice and end with a tipple that’s pretty damn close to fireworks.

Seasonal flavours, fresh produce and giant cubes of ice Dr Phil carves by hand – these drinks are not to be downed in one go but rather to be sipped and savoured.

Just be sure to make a reservation – the space is small and the staff are keen to ensure their patrons are well looked after, so if the bar is busy, you’ll be sent back towards Eau-de-Vie. Not that we’d be complaining.   

Eau-de-Vie Apothecary
229 Darlinghurst Rd,
Darlinghurst, Sydney
Thurs-Sat evenings

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