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Souled Out Studios’ iconic collectible works
Since 2004 the urban artists behindSouled Out Studios have been quietly going about their business making a lot of noise. 

Their highly collectible prints do the talking, often featuring commentary on world events, history, philosophy and politics, meshing social and environmental views with a tongue-in-cheek twist.  

For the first time, a retrospective collection of each print ever produced by the iconic Studio is coming to Sydney. At Urban Uprising’s Gallery see Beejoir’s famous “LV Child” print, and “Shell Blood for Oil” printed on original Iraqi dinar notes stamped with the face of Saddam Hussein. “Poverty Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth” by K-guy and “Little Red Riding Hoodie” by Mau Mau.

If they haven’t sold out already, you can purchase canvases and limited edition prints including rare printer proofs and artist proofs.

The SOS Collection
Urban Uprising Gallery
314 Crown Street Darlinghurst 2010
t: (02) 9331 6614
19 March – 11 April 2009, Monday – Saturday noon – 7pm
Free entry

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