Adriano Zumbo makes Manly magnifique

New patisserie opens

Adriano Zumbo, Sydney’s famed patissier has recently opened his second contemporary French infused patisserie. This time, its destination Manly.
Follow your nose as the signage for Zumbo’s Wentworth Avenue locale is minimal. Once inside it’s small enough to feel as though you’re in a friend’s trendy eat-in kitchen.

Expect a welcome by knowledgeable (and thank goodness, patient) staff. You’ll need deliberation time for the wide-ranging pastry, freshly baked breads and desert menu on display.

Seeking a savoury hit? Try a quiche, a gourmet pie, either the pork and fennel or African spiced lamb sausage rolls.
For your sweeter side ‘The Things I Love’ is the latest range on offer. A delightful reflection of Adriano’s quirky, mischievous and cheeky nature, each item has its own amusing name like, ‘Yuzu’, ‘Wheely Carry Me Mel’ and ‘It Tastes Sweeter’.
And don’t forget one for the road – stock up on those vibrantly coloured macarons flavoured raspberry liquorice, bacon and eggs, carrot cake and vegemite sourdough.
The newest one stop shop for your ultimate sweet high.

Adriano Zumbo
Shop 1a 40 East Esplanade, Manly 2095
(Entry via Wentworth Ave)
T: (02) 9810 7318

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