a white winter playground with no rules

No authority figures, no rules or regulations. A place of infinite possibilities on the side of a snow covered mountain. Want to see how the world’s skiing and snowboarding elite play?

You can later this month, when Warren Miller’s PLAYGROUND tours nationally and turns the State Theatre into its playing field. This film is all about pure winter sports action footage. Free styling and big air events, ski riding and racing, heli-skiing, aerial acrobatics and more, all taken in stunning destinations like Sweden, Canada, Japan – even in the unlikely Arabian Desert in a resort called Ski Dubai.

Experience the famed ranges of British Columbia, Utah and Alaska through the eyes of big mountain riders adept at replacing fear with fun. Take a peek into a closed affair where only the world’s best freestyle athletes compete, and learn a thing or two from the age-energised Burton Smalls Team.

There’s zero tolerance on missing the annual release of a Miller snow adventure film; for action enthusiasts this has been the status quo for more than half a century.  With only four screenings in Sydney, don’t risk missing out on this year’s perfect powder antics.

And put a pause on tantrum throwing, it’ll be play time soon.

Warren Miller’s PLAYGROUND
Sydney tour dates 29 May – 1 June 2008
State Theatre, 49 Market Street, Sydney 2000
$20-23, group and family tickets available

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