6 Autumn Beauty Must-Haves


Autumn is a tricky month for your beauty routine. There’s still the lingering hint of sunny summer days which dewy skin, beachy hair, and punchy lip colors. But the closer we get to winter, the greater need there is to offer your skin some extra TLC. You’re in that awkward in-between stage where your products need to both hit the summer and winter mark. Here are six staples (which you can shop from the comfort of your office A/C, of course) to help you fearlessly tackle autumn with your best face forward. 

Fight the Frizz

The best way to hang onto every last second of summer is with a head full of tousled waves. But if your post-beach look is more ‘80s Sarah Jessica than Victoria’s Secret, John Frieda is here to help. The mane maestro’s original frizz-ease smoothes and hydrates to sultry up your strands without weighing them down.

BUY IT NOW: John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum, $16.99

Brush Up Your Brow Game

Step away from the tweezers. One of now’s biggest beauty trends – and, incidentally, one of its easiest — is high-volume, brushed up brows. Fill them in with this waterproof liner, work through a brow brush and pair with glossy everything. You’ll be surprised how much younger full brows make your face look.

BUY IT NOW: Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner, $10.98

Plan BB

If you haven’t jumped on the BB bandwagon already, your skin’s seriously missing out. Besides being so easy to apply that you can smear it on using only your sunglasses as a mirror, it won’t give you that mid-arvo cake effect that often comes with regular ol’ foundation. Olay’s Fresh Effects evens out your skin rather than covering it up, and since it contains SPF, it has all the protection of sunscreen with none of the grease. We’ll cheers to that.

BUY IT NOW: Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, $16.99

Stay. Good Makeup

Natalie Imbruglia’s legacy isn’t just Neighbours and your favorite ‘90s karaoke song. She’s also masterminded brand new anti-ageing skincare range Iluka. For days when you want a little more coverage, Iluka does a fabulous primer that absorbs easily and helps your makeup sit pretty through dinner, drinks, and dancing. Pearl powder offers a bonus faux glow.

BUY IT NOW: Iluka Illuminising Pearl Primer, $29.99

Pump Up the Volume

Ever plunged into the ocean before having the, uh, sinking realisation that you’re wearing non-waterproof mascara? Yep, panda eyes are definitely cuter on actual pandas. Take all the necessary precautions with Maybelline’s collagen-enriched, summer-proofed plumping formula, and you’ll never have to worry about scaring your friends when you get back to your beach towel.

BUY IT NOW: Maybelline Colossal Mascara Glam Black Waterproof, $9.98

Stain Put

Lipstick never goes out of style, but lip stain is totally where it’s at in these transseasonal months. Besides being ridic easy to apply – no fiddly liners needed here – it can also be used on your cheeks for a hint of colour. Revlon’s is super long lasting and keeps your whatever-you-want-to-use-it-on nice and hydrated.

BUY IT NOW: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain Miami Fever, $12.98

Screen Shop 

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