6 Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups to Get You Through Your Day


It’s 3.30pm. It’s been a good few hours since lunch. Your mind is starting to feel a little fuzzy. Energy is…fading. Your tummy is grumbling so loud and you can hear your colleague’s snicker behind you. Is it 5.30pm yet?

What you’re suffering from is a case of 3.30-itis. It’s OK, it happens to the best of us. Rather than suffering through and literally counting down the minutes until home time, take a little break and you’ll be right in no time.

Here are six steps to an afternoon pick-me-up, with some helpful hints from author, mum and Yoplait Bon Appetit Ambassador, Zoë Foster Blake. See, we told you it happens to everyone. 

1. Get up and stretch your legs

In the afternoon, getting up and taking a short walk around the block is a great way to reboost your energy and stretch your legs. “I pop my teeny son in the pram and we head off to the park so one of us can play on the swings. (Sometimes I let him go on them, too.),” shares Zoë. If the playground isn’t your thing, how about a quick coffee run down the road?

2. Give into your craving with a ‘guilt-free’ snack

That’s right, we said guilt-free. There’s no harm in feeding your hunger pains if it’s with a snack that’s nutritious and will fill you up. “I get afternoon cravings, and mid morning ones and late night ones too. I should probably refer to every second meal as a ‘crave’ rather than a snack,” says Zoë. “In any case, for any of those time slots Greek yoghurt is my Go-To. I like to eat Yoplait Bon Appetit because there is already fruit in the tub, and it’s convenient, and it’s full of protein to fill me up.”


When it comes to snacking, look for something that’s low calorie and high protein – this will help fill you up so you’re not reaching for another snack 30 minutes later.  We’re hooked on the new Yoplait Bon Appetit, too. It’s hard to believe this natural Greek yoghurt with real fruit is ‘guilt-free’ because it’s so darn delicious. It has no fat*. And is only 110 calories. Seriously – where has it been our whole life?

3. Quench your thirsty skin too

By the mid-afternoon you’re not the only one feeling the effects of the day. Your skin is probably feeling zapped of moisture and on the tight, dry side thanks to that office air-conditioning/heating. “I’m trying to drink a lot more water at the moment since our home heating is set to inferno,” Zoë spills. And her beauty tip? (She is the skin master after all). “Dab on some face oil or cream if your skin is looking thirsty and tired.” Hello, glow! 

4. Give your mind a mental break

A change of scenery is as good as a holiday. Well, sort of. “I often move from my home desk to a cafe for a hearty, Wi-Fi free work spurt, or just walk around the block for some fresh air and a peek at what’s going on in the world,” says Zoë. There’s no point staring at your computer screen if everything’s going in one ear and out the next. Even 10 minutes away from the desk will do you good. Go make yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen or swing by your friend’s desk for a bit of a ‘gas bag’.

5. Decide what you are going to have for dinner

We don’t want to add to your afternoon hunger cravings (although you’ve already taken care of that with your Greek yoghurt so we think it’s safe to talk food again), but there’s no harm in giving yourself something to look forward to at the end of the work day. Need inspiration? Duh, we have plenty. In the mood for Mexican? Check out our Favourite Hot Spots for Mexican in Sydney and Melbourne. Wanna lay low at the pub? Then work your way through our New & Cool Pubs Guide. Would you look at that…it’s 5.30pm already!

6. Enter a competition

And what do you know, we have a competition right here for you. Talk about convenient. So that you can experience Yoplait’s Bon Appetit Greek Yoghurt for yourself and start kicking those afternoon cravings to the curb, we are giving away a lovely pack that is perfect for a little ‘you time’.


Prize includes:

  • Beach bag
  • Mobile charger
  • $50 Lorna Jane voucher
  • Zoë’s new book
  • And of course, Yoplait Bon Appetit product

To enter, simply tell us in 25 words or less how you reboot in the afternoon! Email your answer to editorial@dailyaddict.com.au to go into the draw. The best answer will win. You have until 30 June, 2015. Good luck!

This message is sponsored by Yoplait 

*Contains less than 0.15% fat

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