5 Things To Buy In Your Lunch Break Today


We’re well on our way through summer and the weather is reaching its peak temperature, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for your summer wardrobe. Here are your season essentials (which you can shop from your desk…in your lunch break, of course) plus some other not-wearable-but-totally-necessary summer buys too.

1) Short and Sweet


Pineapples and crop tops. You’ve basically nailed the two key trends for the season in one. And yes, you will need to get started on your summer body workout stat to pull of the midriff look… or you can layer it over a singlet and enjoy dessert all summer long (it is gelato weather after all). If you haven’t discovered your inner obsession with pineapples yet, then allow us to get you hooked. Next thing you know you’ll have a house full of pineapple cushions, pineapple porcelain jars… trust us, we’ve seen it happen.

BUY IT NOW: Roxy Ladies Statement Shirt, $39.99

2) Beach Reads



It doesn’t get much better than heading to the beach, showing off your new bikini and chillaxing with a good read. It’s multi-tasking at its best: you get your vitamin D intake, you get to breathe in the salty sea air, and finally get a chance to read a new novel – something we’re sure your busy schedule rarely allows time for. Choosing a book is so personal, but on our list is new release ‘The Wrong Girl’ by Zoe Foster. A lighthearted and hilarious read beats a thriller crime novel when you’re trying to unwind.

BUY IT NOW: The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster, $19.99

3) Cool Treats



Ok, so maybe after mention of crop tops and bikinis it’s not such a bad idea to think a little healthier. Luckily, this task is too easy with this great new gadget we’ve just discovered. It’s a frozen treat maker: you simply feed frozen fruit through the chute and out comes something that looks and tastes like soft serve ice-cream, but is dairy free, fat free and guilt free.

BUY IT NOW: Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, $79

4) Shady Characters



Aviators and Wayfarers are forever, but who wants to wear the same pair of sunnies every single day of summer? You need something new to work into the mix, and these are them. Two tone frames, gold arms that glisten in the sun, supersized for extra eye protection – it has all your shady intentions covered.

BUY IT NOW: Roxy Ladies Josephine Sunglasses, $99.99

5) Smells Like Summer



Your intense and moody winter scent just won’t cut it in summer. Switch to something subtle with alluring notes that remind you of a field of flowers or that tropical island you wish you were at right now. Ticking both boxes with its fruity top notes of summer fruit and berries with a heart of jasmine and blue wisteria, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is pure perfection. The bottle is pretty darn cute too.

BUY IT NOW: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT (50ml), $90 

A Better Way To Buy

Ok, so you’ve got your shopping list together and your cart is looking full. It’s crunch time – let’s checkout. Now before you hesitate about whether you feel safe buying these bits and bobs online, and start wondering if you’re better off just heading in store (which you know will never happen because who has the time?) fear not. Online shopping has not only gotten a whole lot easier. There is a new secure way to pay online – it’s MasterPass by MasterCard, which has teamed up with your bank (yes, that place where you place all your trust, and your money) so you can fearlessly shop the world. With MasterPass, your payment and shipping information is stored by your bank in one safe place. Just activate via one of the banks and look for the “Buy with MasterPass” button at checkout. MasterPass, it’s your shortcut to priceless. So go on, click and pay now so you can get your goodies in time for the weekend.

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